About us

About us

We provide companies of all sizes and segments with solutions in means of payment for the retail as well as the financial sector. Our mission is to simplify and streamline financial transactions, with technology, skills, customer orientation, a wide understanding of the business and innovative practices.

million active users


billion transactions per year

billion dollars processed annually

thousand POS displays and EFTs connected


in average growth since 2012

million cards issued

More than figures, let’s talk values.

From simple routine payments to complex transactions, financial exchanges keep the economy in movement.

The ride booked through an app, the grocery shopping at the supermarket, the bill at the restaurant, the Mother’s Day gift: those are sums that regularly change hands and have an impact on millions of people’s lives.

Conductor surrounds one question: shouldn’t such essential interactions offer greater freedom of choice and be available for everyone?

Despite some progress, access to credit and means of payment is still largely associated with little flexibility and a number of restrictions.

In fact, the scenario is even more worrying if we consider our time, when technology should streamline the circulation of goods and services in order to drive companies activities and empower people.

Our daily challenge is to boost exchanges, expand access to credit, and simplify transactions. Because when the economy is in movement, the country grows – a win-win situation.

Building the means to move society forward.

Challenging the status-quo

It’s necessary to question the way financial transactions are carried out. After all, innovation only emerges when the rules of the game are put into question.

Play as a team

Dream the dream of each customer. That’s the spirit of partnership that should also be reflected in internal relationships, while oriented by a greater goal in common.

Move with agility

Size and experience must not inhibit flexibility. It’s necessary to move with agility at all times in order to adapt to changes.

Seek the perfect basics

The concept of perfect basics is continuously changing. Every time a goal is achieved, the standard is raised, and what is considered exceptional today becomes something basic tomorrow.

Experience same means

From experimentation of our own products to coherence in each course of action, every promise has greater value when experienced on a daily basis.


Want to boost your business through payments?

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